Hedgehog Rescue Dublin

Found A Hedgehog?

Does it need rescuing? Does it need our help? Yes, if:

  • Road traffic casualty
  • Out during the day 
  • Unresponsive but not in nest (hedgehogs only hibernate in nests)
  • Damaged limb/s
  • Limb protruding when curled up
  • Underweight at wintertime (under 600g by November)
  • Obvious wounds
  • Injured baby hedgehog (often making high pitched pipping sound)
  • Baby hedgehog if it’s on its own, and only after lengthy observation from a distance
  • Trapped or caught e.g. down a drain / in fencing – do not cut free and release
  • If unresponsive/unconscious – needs veterinary attention immediately

If you accidentally uncover a hibernating hedgehog, please don’t move it. Cover it over again with a thick layer of dry leaves and leave it to sleep. Put some water and some dry or wet cat/dog food (non-fish based food) nearby in case you have woken it up and it comes out of hibernation. Please do not give it bread or milk.

Initially, we ask you watch the hedgehog to see what it does for a short time. Please do not pick up a healthy-looking hedgehog unless you have concerns.

If you are still concerned about the hedgehog, pick it up (wearing gardening, or thick, gloves), put it in a high-sided cardboard box/cat carrier/hamster cage. Line the box with an old towel/fleece at the bottom for it to hide in and keep warm (or plenty of newspaper if you have nothing else). Put down more water and cat/dog food and put the hedgehog somewhere quiet, dark & warm. Please keep away from children and domestic animals.

For hedgehogs who need our help, please call, or text us, on 086 881 0492, as soon as you can. If we don’t respond, please keep trying - we might be out on a hedgehog rescue, or on feeding duty and may miss your first attempt.

We are a tiny team - we comprise of our founder Yvonne, and a handful of volunteers & drivers. It would be really appreciated if you could please get the injured hedgehog to our rescue centre in Rush, Co. Dublin. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to collect every hedgehog that needs us.

Thank you for protecting our wild hedgehogs!